Our privacy policy

Counselling Rooms - Chorlton - Plant in counselling roomCounselling and therapy is, and should be confidential. At Counselling Rooms we are committed to protecting your anonymity and so we do not collect, store or pass on any information about our clients, and we promise never to. By ‘personal data’, we mean the things that could identify you, like your name, address, or email address.

We have purposely designed our service so that you can find a counsellor who suits you by searching on our website and contacting them directly. When you search on our website, it does not collect any information about you.

If you are looking for a counsellor there isn’t any need for you to communicate with us by email, or to share any data with us, and we don’t encourage you to. It’s much better to contact the therapists directly and discuss your needs with them. All of the individual counsellors have their own policies on how they keep your data safe, and they will be happy to explain this to you if you make contact with them.

Our counsellors never share any data about their clients with Counselling Rooms. We do collect anonymised data from them, such as the number of reduced rate sessions they have delivered every month, as we need this to report our outcomes to the CiC Regulator, but nothing is ever shared or kept that could identify an individual.

If you do need to email Counselling Rooms for some reason, we will have record of this in our email account. Again, we promise not to store this data anywhere else, or to share it with anyone else, or to email you other than in direct response to a communication we receive from you.

If you interact with us on social media, such as Instagram or Facebook, this will of course be public, and can be seen by anyone. Please be aware of that and take care about what you choose to share online, to keep your personal information safe. We don’t encourage people to direct message us on any platform, as we cannot guarantee that this information would be adequately secure.